The XML-RPC interface

In the documentation below, hostport refers to the machine and port number hosting the Quaestor service, such as localhost:8080.

The XML-RPC endpoint is http://hostport/quaestor/xmlrpc


There are only two methods defined at present; more might appear in future.

get-model(knowledgebase:string [,submodel:string]) : URL
Retrieve a URL from which the client can obtain the full knowledgebase, or just a submodel. This is just a convenience method, since the URL returned is just the one described in the HTTP-interface above.
query-model(knowledgebase:string, sparql-query:string [,mime-type:string]) : URL
Sends a SPARQL query to the server, and return a URL from which the results can be retrieved. Although this returns promptly, after having done all required checking and parsing, the query is not actually run until the returned URL is dereferenced.

XML-RPC fault codes

Protocol error, such as mangled XML, or invalid request headers
Unrecognised method
Malformed request: the method was syntactically valid and intelligible, but had the wrong number or type of arguments
get-model, query-model: Unknown object requested, either an invalid knowledgebase or submodel
query-model: bad query, either unparseable SPARQL or an unsupported MIME type