Quaestor: installation notes

You will need to use Java 6 to run Quaestor.

The .war file

Quaestor is distributed as a .war file and as a standalone web server (implemented using Jetty).

To install the .war file, download that and install it in your Tomcat server in the usual way.


You can configure the server by adjusting the unpacked .war file's WEB-INF/web.xml. Most of the <init-param> parameters should be left alone, but you may well need to change the persistence-directory setting. This indicates where Quaestor should persist knowledgebases, (when that functionality is enabled). The default value isn't terribly useful, but should be harmless.

The standalone server

To start up the standalone server, download the quaestor-standalone-x.x.jar file (of a suitable version number), and either double-click it (if that's appropriate for your OS), or start it with a command like:

% java -jar quaestor-standalone-x.x.jar

As with the .war file, there is very little to configure in the standalone server. To change the location of the persistence directory, give a value for the persistence-directory property when you start the server, by giving the -Dpersistence-directory=/path option to the java command.