Quaestor: generic SPARQL endpoint

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This is Quaestor version 0.5.6

Quaestor is a generic SPARQL endpoint, which allows you to upload ontology and instance data (also known as `TBox' and `ABox', respectively), and query the result.


See the list of knowledgebases which this Quaestor knows about.


You interact with Quaestor as follows.

  1. Create a `knowledgebase'.
  2. Add one or more `submodels' consisting of ontology or instance data formatted as RDF/XML, Turtle or Notation3.
  3. Query the knowledgebase – the union of the submodels – using SPARQL.

To install Quaestor, download it from its distribution location, and follow the installation notes.

There is a walkthrough of a typical interaction with Quaestor. You can read that online, or download the walkthrough and supporting files.

The main Quaestor interface is a RESTful HTTP interface, using only HTTP's GET, PUT, POST and DELETE verbs. There is also a preliminary XML-RPC interface.


For discussion of the persistence mechanisms available to Quaestor, see the notes on storage elsewhere.


References to specifications and further information.