Quaestor: generic SPARQL endpoint

This is Quaestor 0.6.2, released 5 October 2010

roman head

Quaestor is a generic triplestore and SPARQL endpoint, which allows you to upload ontology and instance data, and query the result through a RESTful interface. It's built on top of Jena.

There are two main distribution products:

The standalone Jetty server. Download this, and start the server with the command java -jar quaestor-standalone-0.6.2.jar. The Quaestor server's interface is documented here, as well as on the front page of the running Quaestor service, and that front page includes a pointer to a Quaestor demo/walkthrough.
Library jar file, which allows you to create Quaestor-like applications fairly straightforwardly. Well, it would, if there were any documentation for that (coming soon, promise, as soon as someone actually asks me for details...).

In addition, there are build targets which create a Tomcat .war file, and some client code which is probably of rather limited interest. Ask Norman for details if you're interested.

The source code is available at code.nxg.name (clone: https://code.nxg.name/nxg/quaestor, files, history, tags). The build instructions in the top-level README should at least help build it; again, get in touch if you have problems.

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