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2020 June 21

Audiotag – tagging and podcasting audio


This is an application for tagging (instants within) audio files, and liking and sharing those tags.

To build, configure, and start up the service, read file ./src/webserver/administration.txt.

The application is deployed and in daily use, but is still somewhat experimental (or, in other terms, it's a rolling beta (or, in still other words, it works for me...)). 'Experimental' currently means:

Of course, the way to fix all of these is for other people to use the code, so if you're interested in using the kit, I'd be delighted to help: please do get in touch.

The Audiotag application has not yet been formally released, and is available only as a repository checkout. There is (preliminary) licence information in the file LICENCE.audiotag.

Norman Gray

2020 June 21