aiff-grokker: examine and edit AIFF files

aiff-grokker allows you to examine and edit the structure of AIFF files.

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Version 0.2.1, 2014 January 3.

AIFF is a rather simple audio format, originally defined by Apple. This is a simple tool which allows you to:

The AIFF specification is described on Wikipedia which points to PDF details.


show file info
aiff-grokker [-v] -l [-i] <filename> ...
show file duration
aiff-grokker [-v] -t <filename> ...
split file
aiff-grokker [-v] -sn [-otemplate] <filename>
extract part of file
aiff-grokker [-v] -xoffset+duration [-ofilename] [-mmimetype] <filename>
set file info
aiff-grokker [-vf] [-c spec] [-a s] [-n s] -otemplate <filename>
show help and exit
aiff-grokker -h


-a str
Set author name to str in output file
-c @file
Read comments from file, one per line.
-c str
Read comments from string, separated by '#'.
When setting file info, allows information to be replaced (`force').
Show this help
Include file name as _comment in output.
List structure of AIFF chunks from multiple files. The output is in an easy-to-parse s-expression-like format.
-m mime-type
Output as audio/x-aiff or audio/mpeg.
-n str
Set name (ie, title) of output file to str
-o template
Specify the output file template when splitting. When used along with -s this must include one `%d' string, but for the set-file options, there must be no such format string.
-s n
Split file into chunks of length n; `n' is an integer, followed by units `s' for seconds, `m' for minutes, or `f' for frames.
Display length of the AIFF file's audio, in milliseconds.
Be verbose.
Display version information.
-x spec
Extract part of the file to stdout or the -o file. The format of the spec is either offset+duration or offset+duration+beepoffset (all times in seconds). In the second case, a beep is inserted into the extracted audio, `beepoffset' seconds from the start.

Release notes

Release 0.2.1, 2014 January 3

  * Source moved to bitbucket; licence changed to BSD 2-clause
  * Portability fixes.

Release 0.2, 2010 December 13

  * Initial public release (after being in use for some time internally)

Download and installation

Download and unpack the distribution tarball from bitbucket.

To configure, build and install, just use:

% ./configure
% make
% make install

That will install the software into /usr/local. If you want it to go somewhere else, then (as usual with ./configure), specify the alternative location as the argument to configure's --prefix option. See ./configure --help for more details.

Run make check to run some self-tests (one of these requires scsh to run, but you can just ignore that one if you don't have scsh installed).

This software is copyright 2006, 2010, 2014, Norman Gray. It is free software, released under the terms of the BSD 2-clause licence..

2014 January 3