Various packages...

A few bits of work that may be of some use to others.

I also do consulting on LaTeX packages and BibTeX style files, and on Arduino work.


The software below is in distributed under either the 2-clause BSD licence, or the GPLv2 (mostly older projects). I don't, however, have particularly strong commitments to either licence, ideological or otherwise, and if you have some need for a distribution under another licence, I might not take much persuading.

All the projects below are ‘stable’, except where I've noted otherwise. That means that I believe they work pretty reliably, and I'm interested in bug-reports (a code repository issues list is best, or just email me), without necessarily making promises about timescales. Other packages are ‘experimental’ – I'm interested in talking about these, but you shouldn't expect too much.

LaTeX and BibTeX packages

exam-n LaTeX support for exams
LaTeX class file for exams, focused on the careful collaborative process of assembling an exam. Many of the features are to do with checks to avoid mistakes. I also provide commercial support for this class.
versonotes place notes on the verso page of a document LPPL
This package allows you to place notes on the verso pages of an otherwise single-sided document. If, in the run of text, you include a call to the macro \versonote{This is a remark}, then that text will be placed on the opposite (ie, ‘verso’) page, lined up with the macro call.
showlabels show labels in a document LPPL
Put the names of \label and other commands into the margins of a draft document.
textpos position text on the page LPPL
Lay out text and graphics at arbitrary positions on the LaTeX page. This helps when producing a large-format conference poster, or when placing material within, say, figures.
feyn Feynman diagram font
A package of fonts for producing relatively simple Feynman diagrams, primarily for use within equations. The diagrams are generated using a font, rather than by generating images.
urlbst Add webpage fields to .bst files
A script to edit BibTeX .bst files, to add support for general url and lastchecked fields. Optionally adds basic support for eprint, doi and pubmed fields, and hypertex/hyperref support.
supplements Split a complex LaTeX document into separate pieces showing its age; use thoughtfully
This allows a possibly complex LaTeX document to be split amongst several input files, which are LaTeXed independently, whilst still synchronising counters, cross-references, and so on.
bibhtml HTML bibliographies from BibTeX
A set of BibTeX styles, for generating bibliographies as HTML.

There are other repositories pointed to from my distribution page; these pages will probably move here... shortly.